Bank Alfalah And NOWPDP Team Up To Create Job Opportunities For Persons With Disabilities

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April 06, 2023 – Bank Alfalah, one of Pakistan’s leading commercial banks, has announced a strategic partnership with Network of Organizations Working For People With Disabilities Pakistan (NOWPDP), a non-profit organization to empower persons with disabilities by creating employment opportunities for them and promote financial inclusion in the banking sector.

Under the partnership, Bank Alfalah will fund the running costs of the Centre of Excellence for Financial Inclusion (CEFI) against an amount of PKR 4 million. The goal of the center is to improve financial inclusion and literacy among persons with disabilities by providing them with access to financial products and creating income opportunities for them.

Through this partnership, the Bank will collaborate closely with NOWPDP to create specialized modules and provide training on financial management, budgeting, and saving at the center.
“This partnership is a significant step towards promoting financial inclusion and literacy among persons with disabilities in Pakistan. We are excited to work with Bank Alfalah, a leading financial institution, to provide access to financial services and products to persons with disabilities,” said Amin Hashwani, President of NOWPDP.

“We are proud to partner with NOWPDP in this important initiative that aligns with our commitment to create job opportunities to promote financial inclusion in Pakistan for the differently abled persons. By supporting the CEFI, we aim to empower persons with disabilities and enable them to become financially self-sufficient,” said Faisal Farooq Khan, Chief Human Resource Officer, Bank Alfalah.

Furthermore, to gain a broader understanding of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities, the team at Bank Alfalah proactively engaged in disability sensitization activities. Through this experience, the team members were able to gain valuable insight into the daily experiences and functioning of PWDs, allowing them to develop a deeper sense of empathy.
Bank Alfalah, one of the most inclusive banks in Pakistan, is committed to employing persons with disabilities as part of its inclusive hiring policy.
The Bank values its diverse workforce as one of its most valuable assets, and it aims to create an inclusive environment that empowers its colleagues and customers to reach their full potential. In line with this vision, Bank Alfalah is continually focusing on upgrading its infrastructure to offer convenient access to differently-abled employees and customers.
To date, the Bank has successfully installed ramps at all branches, and it has designated 16 branches specifically for PWDs customers. The Bank has also made Braille forms available at its branches and ensured that talking ATMs are fully functional to cater to customers with visual impairments.
According to a report by UNDP, an estimated 6.2% of people in Pakistan have some form of disability, ranging from cognitive, developmental, mental, physical to sensory impairments. They face barriers that are bigger than physical obstacles, such as physical environment that is not accessible, services, systems and policies that are nonexistent.

The partnership between Bank Alfalah and NOWPDP is a significant step towards promoting financial inclusion and empowerment for persons with disabilities in Pakistan. Through this collaboration, both organisations aim to create an inclusive financial ecosystem that provides equal opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their disabilities.

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