Media Management

At Media Matters, we have fostered strong relations with the local as well as international media outlets to ensure substantial visibility of our clients. With support from our seasoned media management team and our media buying parent company, we are able to deliver the best possible media results.

Crisis Communication

We are team of PR professionals that’s well connected to the latest developments in your industry and is prepared to tackle crisis situations in time. Whatever the crisis, chances are our communications experts have already handled them giving you the confidence that your reputation is in good hands.

Digital PR

As the world continues to go digital, we are too by making digital a major part of our PR / communications strategies. From making headlines on the web to creating buzz on the social media and capturing top search spaces, we do it all to give you a powerful online presence that you deserve.

Strategic Counselling

Our team comprises veteran strategists who know the ins and outs of your brand and industry, keeping a watchful eye on new happenings around your business. They have the knowledge and expertise to educate you on when to do what to effectively manage certain situations related to your repute.

Stakeholder Management

Operating in the industry for over 13 years, we at Media Matters offer powerful stakeholder management to help you achieve your communication goals faster. By providing an authoritative buffer between you and the influencers, we deliver an effective solution to your communication needs.

News Monitoring

At Media Matters, we take pride in being the first PR firm to have an in-house real-time electronic, digital, and print media monitoring set up. Working in shifts, our dedicated monitoring teams keep you updated 24/7 on the latest industry developments to make effective communications possible.