OICCI, PBC And Unilever Collaborate To Highlight The Significance Of ESG

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November 22, 2022: The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) and the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) collaborated to host a design sprint on best practices needed to develop an effective Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework for Pakistan. The two-day workshop was facilitated by Unilever Pakistan Limited.

Participants of the session included leading local and multi-national organizations. The objective of the workshop was to help participants develop strategies and frameworks to make businesses resilient to environmental, social and governance issues in the post-pandemic world. The design sprint helped participants to explore risk mitigation and navigation approaches, draft a blueprint for organizational strategy, and establish an ESG internal governance framework.

The two-day workshop concluded with a dialogue on ESG policy needed in Pakistan, with stakeholders including Chairman Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Aamir Khan, Chairperson & Independent Director Pakistan Stock Exchange, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, CE/Secretary General OICCI, M. Abdul Aleem, CEO Pakistan Business Council, Ehsan Malik and Chairman & CEO Unilever Pakistan, Amir Paracha.

While speaking on the occasion, CE/Secretary General OICCI, M. Abdul Aleem said, “OICCI members not only bring investment, breakthrough technologies, global business practices and knowhow to Pakistan, but are also leading the social and climate agenda through thought leadership. OICCI member companies, the largest network of MNCs operating in Pakistan, are also leading on other climate initiatives such as conversion to alternate energy sourcing, reducing waste, promoting circular economy, etc. through sustainable business practices”.

Shedding light on the sprint session, Ehsan Malik, CEO Pakistan Business Council said that “Leading businesses in the private sector can use this platform for advocacy and capacity building to enable the industry and the financial sector to take actionable steps and learn from each other.”

“The 21st-century innovation and technological revolution has brought most critical challenges and changes in human behavior”, highlighted CEO Unilever Pakistan, Amir Paracha in the opening remarks. “As we now concentrate on our relationship with the planet, our impact and demands on ESG become the most urgent and critical management approach to adopt as a sustainable solution” he added.

The workshop also featured expert sessions from McKinsey’s Robin Nuttall, Saif Hameed from Altruistiq, Partner KPMG Syed Ahson Ali Shah, Maha Qasim from Zero Point and Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB).

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